Neck And Shoulder Pain Is It RSI?

Side Shot of PowerballGuitar Player possible RSI CauseHand about to touch a mouse make sure you dont suffer from RSI

Neck and shoulder pain is a generic sort of description for a whole host of painful conditions of the muscles and connective tissues in the upper back, shoulders and neck. The symptoms are usually muscular in nature with no numbness or tingling. If you experience numbness or tingling with your pain, then I highly encourage you to visit your doctor for a clarification of your diagnosis. Have your physician review the recommendations in this section to make sure they are the most appropriate for your condition.

Understanding the anatomy of the neck and shoulders can help you grasp how complex this area of the body is and how dependent it is on good posture . In addition to improving your posture, there are many things you can do to provide yourself with adequate self care . Proper stretching, attention to how you are using your body, and changing chronic habits that contribute to stress can all help you achieve a new level of comfort that can last for years to come.

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