What causes RSI?

Office worker poor wrist support can suffer RSIPicture of a hand dont suffer from RSI on your hands and wristCloseup of female eye

Repetitive strain injury is caused my performing the same action or movement many times in successsion or within a short period which puts your muscles and tendons under great strain as they will normally be tense and especially if bad posture is also present the incorrect angles put more pressure on your muscles and limbs and result in aches and pains and in extremes even worse damage including shaking cronic pain.

The main user groups who are at risk are Computer / Office workers where they spend say an average of 40 hours a week sat at desk in front of Computer which can of course result in eye strain. But typically users have poor posture and the whole work area is setup incorrectly for them.

Normally the office chair is at the wrong height for the desk or the Computer screen is at the wrong angle these can all result in contributing factors especially if the keyboard and mouse are not used with the rest of the arm at a comfortable angle, as prolonged usage will make you wrist and arm ache.

Factory workers or really anyone involved in manual labour where the action or main task results in your back or other muscles tensing serveral times within a short period or for prolonged ususage over the days and weeks where this action will be repeated thousands of times.

It is essential that the correct workwear is used and health and safety rules are followed this will include ensuring you take regualr breaks which you should use to streatch and relax your muscles before getting back to the fun of working again and performing the familar actions.

Without care and breaks being taken you will put yourself at risk from damaging yourself in the short term or in years to come the actions can without treatment and care effect you greatly in later life.


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