What exactly are the symptoms of RSI?

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The Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury may be caused by apparently unrelated areas — for example hand numbness may be caused by a nerve being pinched near the shoulder. In the initial stages of RSI, an area may be in quite bad condition but not feel painful unless it is massaged, or feel weak unless a long endurance exercise is performed. Therefore all areas of the upper body are considered when evaluating an RSI condition.

The following applies to typing or computer use. RSI is best prevented in its early stages before it becomes difficult to control.
·    Pay attention to pain and fatigue. Stop using the computer before you begin to feel symptoms.
·    Pay attention to posture. The head and back should form a straight line from the ears to the pelvis. The shoulders and head should not be hunched forward.
·    Take regular breaks. One option is to install reminder software that reminds you to take breaks (RSI software).
·    Avoid resting the wrists on anything when typing. Hold them straight, rather than bent up, down, or to the side.
·    Keep in good shape, with regular aerobic exercise, adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and not smoking. This will help improve strength and bloodflow in the affected muscles.
·    Learn a systematic muscle-relaxation technique such as diaphragmatic breathing, qigong, or progressive muscle relaxation to help keep neck and shoulder muscles relaxed.

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